Leia Gibson and Kody showcase dressage Dr. Pam Ripperda and Sunny cruise the cones


Welcome to, the #1 online resource for combined driving miniature horses! This site is designed for the driver who has heard about CDEís, hopefully perused for basic information and now wants to know more. Already a competitor? Share your pictures, results, and stories of how you got started! For those who may require a little help to keep all the terms straight, I've created a little guidebook here. is designed to be a clearinghouse of information for those getting ready to compete or already involved with the sport. The articles page includes multiple chapters on preparing for and competing in your first CDE, essays on maintaining your vehicle and conditioning your horse, tips and tricks for driving hazards and cones, and various gems gleaned from the Carriage Driving List (better known as the CD-L). The Kody Khronicles are a driverís box view of combined driving from first competition to the present day and will be kept updated as my horse Kody and I progress through the levels. The galleries are a wonderful look at the brave little horses and bold drivers who have brought this sport so far. You can be one of them! Just send me your photo and tell me how big the horse is, what cart and harness you are using, and where the photo was taken. You might be chosen as the Photo of the Month! You will also find answers to frequently asked questions, current news, and I hope to be able to offer a discussion forum and some things for sale in the near future. Your input is always welcome and submissions are gladly accepted.


Please be aware this site is run by someone who works full-time, has two demanding horses and is trying to finish up her Bachelorís degree on a deadline. It may take me awhile to get every section up and running! ::grin::


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